Sensual Presence with Scent & Movement

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What is Sensual Presence with Scent & Movement?

Presence is an art. One who masters the art of presence is effortlessly flowing through life, no matter what obstacles appear. Resistance often keeps us from being present and makes our mind create stories in the past or future in a futile attempt to control the unknown. One day we feel confident, happy, invincible, next thing we know, we feel utterly lost. 

Gisela, Choreographer & Movement Teacher, and Christine Blue Blossom, Apothecary of the Soul, have navigated through lots of high & lows, never tiring of exploring new ways of finding balance & joy. They both found their own path to achieve this: through movement & essential oils. In the past year they have successfully explored the powerful combination of scent & movement in different settings. 

In this workshop we invite you to smell, dance, play & embody your own powerful essence. Through Christine’s magical I AM signature essential oils blends you will experience the influence of scent on your emotions and connect with different feelings. After each olfactory experience Gisela will lead you into the expression of these feelings through movement & dance. Her vast vocabulary of body language & her irresistible Brasilian lightness will inspire you to be wildly spontaneous. 

This workshop will be held in English. 

Gisela Rocha

Gisela Rocha’s passion for dance and movement is reflected in more than 30 choreographies performed in many countries. Gisela has conducted and continues to conduct movement workshops all over the world and was a jury member at international dance competitions in Berlin and Seoul, among others.

Parallel to the arts world, she has also dedicated 15 years of her life to expand her knowledge about all forms of self-inquiry and healing techniques: ranging from Buddhism, Kundalini, the metaphysic course in miracles to body therapies. The result is a beautiful combination of art and expansion of consciousness for you to really embody your presence.

Christine Blue Blossom

After many years of studies of ancient mysteries, energy, plants & essential oils, Christine followed the call of her heart and recently founded her own company: Apothecary of the Soul. She created a series of exclusive essential oil blends to reconnect people with their beautiful, powerful selves through the magic of sacred scent. She also creates Personal Soul Blends, channelled and created for just one person, a place or project. 

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